’7 steps to Europe, first is already done’

1. You are already finished with the first step by finding musictoursineurope.com

2. Turn to your local tour organizer company. They will arrange the most important pre- and post organizational things, arrange insurance, arrange flight tickets and financial matters with us. They will be our base in your country, we can work and cooperate with you through them. (In most countries schools are obliged to work with local tour organizers)     

3. Draft program
Tell us the main points of the tour: when do you want to travel, how long, with how many students, of what age. It is also important to have a plan about the performing ensembles (only a choir or an orchestra as well, maybe a big band, or string orchestra, etc…) It is ideal to start planning the tour 1 year prior to the planned date.

You tell us your conception, wish, the must do things, must see places or at least countries. It is no problem if you do not have any ideas: we will help you with suggestions. It is good if you have a per person budget for the ground arrangements, so we can start working and finding solutions consciously according to the financial possibilities. (Price depends on many things: season, duration, number of students, attended / performed concerts, hotel category, visited country, instrument transportation needs, instrument hire needs, etc… A price of between 110 and 150 EUR / day / person can be expected for the ground arrangements. 

Then you will receive a draft program, with an approximate quotation.

4. Once you agree for us to start to elaborate the program, and make optional bookings for your group, and we settle detailed conditions (payment, cancellation, etc…)  the first deposit payment is due. It is important to have confirmed flight tickets by that time from your local tour organizer.

5. During the phase of elaboration we need further information, details from you
Exact numbers (boys/girls), instrument hire needs, repertoire, concert program, etc…

6. Then you will receive the final program with a final quotation. Contracting. Until this time (2-3 months prior to start) we have to know the exact concert programs in order to start organizing an audience, printing placards, publishing the concerts in different forums, calendars.

7. As we come closer to the start we can harmonize every single detail, program elements, menus, special dietary or other requirements. We send you the tour manual including all important information, addresses and exact timings and itineries for each day. Although our tour leader guide will take care of all this technical information, it is a useful resource for all of the other staff travelling with the tour group.

The only thing afterwards is to rehearse and prepare your students  for this once in a lifetime tour…

During the tour You will experience continuous assistance and solicitude. Several ’add-ons’ like postcards, information materials with contacts, maps marked with important places, refreshments during rehearsals or workshops, packed meals, snacks during long-distance journeys, pins, long  banners, continuous help in details and in the case of emergencies, and the properly selected and proven tour leader guide will help you during your memorable and smooth-running music tour.